Recruiting the Millennial Workforce: All About the Connection

December 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Alexa Magdalenski in Guest Blogs | Member Blog Posts - (Comments Off on Recruiting the Millennial Workforce: All About the Connection)

Did you know?

  • Only 7% of federal employees today are age 30 or under – the lowest percentage in the last ten years
  • By 2017, 31% of federal workers will be eligible to retire
  • The government loses about 5,000 information technology employees each year

In a recent Government Executive blog post, NVTC member Susan Fallon Brown of Monster Government Solutions shared these astounding statistics and highlighted the growing opportunity for the federal government to bolster its millennial workforce and reduce overall hiring gaps with millennial talent. Here are some of the key themes she shared in the blog:

  • The importance of federal agencies being able to articulate their missions – millennials want to be a part of organizations that serve the greater good; an agency’s mission statement, often the first point of entry into an organization for a candidate, must clearly express the positive impact the agency is making
  • Digital channels are key to millennial recruitment – millennials are using social networks and digital channels in their job search more than ever before; agencies should leverage their digital channels as an extension of their recruitment efforts, utilizing clear and enticing messaging
  • Transparency and engagement are a must in the recruitment process – millennials want to be continually engaged in the hiring process. They want feedback from recruiters at all stages of the hiring process – and to hear from recruiters after the interview process, even if they didn’t get the job

Millennials make up about one-third of the workforce in Fairfax and Arlington Counties according to a 2016 Millennial Research report conducted by NVTC’s NextGen Leaders Committee. The report explored what attracts and retains millennials in organizations in Northern Virginia.

The notion of connection – millennials’ desire to feel connected to the community they live in, to their employer’s mission and charitable efforts, and to their colleagues, emerged throughout the report. Here are some interesting points from the research:

  • Millennials place strong emphasis on flexibility in their positions – in their schedule, in the physical location of their job and in their responsibilities. Instead of the amount of hours they work, millennials want to be evaluated on the quality of their output.
  • Millennials place strong value on ongoing learning and development opportunities; career progression and mentorship is highly important, even though company loyalty isn’t always a driving career factor for millennials.
  • Millennials highly value employee recognition in a variety of forms, including constructive feedback, awards, perks and promotions.
  • A company’s social responsibility efforts and commitment to being ethical is critical for millennials and a driving recruitment factor; millennials place strong value in the trust they have for their employer, their transparency and commitment to bettering the world.

Interested in learning more about recruiting and retaining millennials in our region? Read the full NextGen Leaders Millennial Research report.

Check out Government Executive’s blog here.

NextGen Leaders Millennial Graphic

Click to enlarge infographic above – just one of the interesting infographics you’ll find in the NextGen Leaders Millennial Research report


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