Finding Success Through Professional Development

July 9th, 2014 | Posted by Sarah Jones in Guest Blogs | Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Finding Success Through Professional Development)

NVTC is inviting members and industry leaders to serve as guest bloggers, sharing insights and information on trends or business issues relevant to other members. In the post below, Derek Alden Elder of member company Salient Federal Solutions explains how professional development is essential for success.

Today’s government, industry, civilian, and institutional professional leadership all agree on one thing: Professional development is vital to success. Yet it is becoming harder each and every day to find time for it. This is driven by many factors. The most obvious, of course, is the continual reduction in force to accommodate todays lower cost requirements. These strong economic and political headwinds demand we make a difference.

With less people doing more work it is impossible to ignore the implications to the remaining forces’ availability to support seemingly non-essential requirements, such as further developing their applicable capabilities through professional development, training, and education. We must have a relentless commitment to our customers, colleagues and our communities. Salient Federal Solutions believes that a viable solution exists which will mitigate this issue and we use it today.

In a rapidly changing environment, infusing current work requirements into the training our warfighters receive today is essential to increasing effectiveness within an experiential modality while also serving the trainee by assisting with the execution of their deliverables and concurrently advancing their knowledge base. Salient plans a custom approach to every requirement so it can and is being done today. We understand that success is dependent upon our situational approach and customized execution on each task – getting warfighters what they need and when they need it. Minimizing time spent while maximizing output to current requirements while broadening knowledge base will determine effectiveness and thus define return on investment of training to leadership. Although counter to most industry culture, this is the only viable path to solving the growing work/train/time issue we all experience in these leaner times.

Whether it be professional, technical, or personal development it is essential for the end user to insist upon their workload being infused to the exercises associated with our learning process, but similarly, we need to drive this approach from the top down as the leading providers to the education and training industry. This change can only be achieved if we stand together behind one simple truth; developing our workforce is vital to future success and it cannot be accomplished without fundamental changes to the approach most take today. If our workplace has become more efficient and lean then so must we with something as important this.

If you’re interested in professional development, get involved with NVTC! Attend an event for opportunities to see and be seen by industry leaders; join a committee to meet potential clients, build relationships, and learn about trends; and check out NVTC’s many other resources.

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