The Value of Captured Knowledge

July 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Sarah Jones in Uncategorized

NVTC is inviting members and industry leaders to serve as guest bloggers, sharing insights and information on trends or business issues relevant to other members. In the post below, Derek Alden Elder of member company Salient Federal Solutions explains the value of ensuring data from the greatest workforce our country has known is captured and our people are properly prepared to fill the void once they retire.

With the greatest workforce our country has ever seen set to soon retire we must, as a country, focus now to ensure the data is captured and our people are properly prepared to fill the void. In most organizations, valuable knowledge is scatted across so many sources. Additionally, valuable information and experience is in the organizations people. This puts new emphasis on training and infusing innovative technology to validate the effectiveness and return on investment for each training dollar spent but how are you and or is your organization capturing this truly vital data?

Configuration management is a term loosely used these days when discussing the capturing of vital data but how do you define it within the context of training? What tools do you use and or requirements define your process? Are you ready for the knowledge gap and or is your organization well positioned to thrive with the talent that will remain …?

It would not be honest or fair to consider ourselves the end all be all of capability with respect to the questions but we have answered them in the manner they are posed above and have found that our solution is both viable and scalable within many different verticals. We find that our customers have been trying to do the same but few are actually, where they need to be to thrive due to poor organizational planning, threat understanding, or simply insufficient insight which begs the question, “Are you spending the training dollars you need to ensure organizational success beyond the retirements of the current subject matter expert workforce?” And if not, then “How can we prepare today?” It has never been more important to capture the knowledge from a professional and make it readily sharable before the expertise of that is expertise is list forever.

Not only is it important to preserve this knowledge, but the real value is derived from applying it into business decisions to enhance the organization. We use multiple methods but the most valuable is a custom built learning management system with an additional widget built in that we call the Individual Development Plan (IDP). IDP enables our customers and team (as well as management) alike to enter data regarding capability, lessons learned, anticipated development roadmap and much more. Leadership can push courses they want their staff to take down through hierarchal recognition and assign training in the same fashion users can enroll themselves. We can capture technical data from on-site tasks, which is specific to each user, and then reference it as needed. In a digital world with minimal travel budgets instant secure access from anywhere becomes vital so handheld devices and computers share similar accessibility.

Every requirement and user demands a situational approach. This method has become essential to the way we operate and continues to be validated by the user community on both ends. It doesn’t matter what you have today as much as it does that you have a plan capture knowledge and preserve it. That roadmap will soon be vital as we progress deeper into the upcoming era of senior knowledge gap and the timeliness will directly impact your bottom line.  It is vital that you take the necessary steps today to mitigate this issue tomorrow.

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